The use of the media available in the media library of Destination Angers is exclusively intended for the tourist and event promotion of Angers and its region. These general conditions of use are expressly subject to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

Rights of use of the photographs of the media library

The rights of use are granted for the promotional materials of the Destination Angers:

  • - Print (excluding first cover, double page, poster, advertising use requiring the purchase of spaces)
  • - Web

Destination Angers reserves the right to refuse any loan application for visuals that do not comply with the general conditions of use.

Duration of use and compulsory photo credit

The user agrees to respect the copyright of the photographs, i.e the photographer and to mention the name of the latter followed by Destination Angers. Therefore, in all cases, the following designation must be used: © Destination Angers / followed by the name of the photographer.

In addition, the user undertakes to respect all the indications and restrictions specified in the captions of the photographs appearing on the website of the photo library. Each photograph is subject to a rights end date indicated in the legend. It is strictly forbidden to use these photographs beyond this deadline.

Availability and proof of publication

Any use of a loaned visual must be justified as soon as it is published and within two months: Destination Angers, 7 place Kennedy - BP 15157-49051 Angers Cedex 02.

  • - For a publication: sending two free minimum copies to the attention of the photo library at 7 place Kennedy - BP 15157-49051 Angers Cedex 02.
  • - For a web page: send the link to

Transfer to third parties

All assignments, retrocessions, rentals or loans, to a third party, for a fee or free, is strictly prohibited.

Respect of the integrety

Any transformation operation, denaturing, retouching by digitization or any other process, cannot be done without authorization from Destination Angers.


The user has access to the secured photo library by an identifier and a password. The user undertakes in all circumstances to keep his username and password secret and is prohibited from communicating them to third parties. The user is responsible for any use made of his username and password and any use / exploitation of the resulting photographs. In the event that the confidentiality of username and password are no longer insured, the user agrees to immediately inform Destination Angers.

The user guarantees to the photo library that he will use these photographs in accordance with the present conditions and that, in the event of any non-compliant or prohibited use, he guarantees Destination Angers, against any recourse, any prosecution, any claim or any request on the part of any person in connection with such use of the photographs.

User agrees to take up and indemnify Destination Angers in the event of any recourse, suit, claim or demand for any improper or prohibited use of the photographic images under this Agreement when borrowing any visual photographic.

Applicable Laws, competent court and contractual documents

These conditions of use are governed by the law in force in France. Any use that does not comply with the terms and conditions of use of the Destination Angers photo library may be subject to legal proceedings before the competent courts.

These terms and conditions and restrictions are subject to change. The user must make sure to read them and to read them with each use.

Retention of personal information

When the user completes the registration form to access the photo library, all the information contained in his profile is kept in the administrator file. At any time, the user can access this profile and, if necessary, make changes by accessing the "My Account".